Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nicole Richie is a liar (with pics)

I have to update every once in a while with celebrity news because frankly, some of it is just too good NOT to share. As most of the world already knows, Nicole Richie was arrested the other night for driving her SUV the wrong way on the highway. She admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana and Vicodin. She is a recovering heroin addict who claims she is sober.

Well, Nicole Richie has released a statement to US Weekly explaining her drug use. Apparently, she has bad menstrual cramps and needs the drugs to get through the pain. has learned exclusively that Nicole Richie is telling friends that the reason she was on the painkiller Vicodin during her recent arrest was to treat menstruation cramps.

Richie, 25, was arrested early Monday morning for driving under the influence of marijuana and Vicodin, after she was seen driving the wrong way down a California highway.


The celebutante is said to be upset over media reports that she's addicted to pills, and is insisting to friends that she only "occasionally" takes Vicodin once a month at the start of her menstruation cycle.
OK. I am a woman, and I know menstrual cramps. A hot bath, a heating pad, a couple of Aleve, and maybe a glass of wine should take care of the pain. But VICODIN? That's just ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that I thought women who weighed 85 pounds didn't even GET their periods anymore. Oh, and yeah; she's mad about that "lie" too.
Richie is also unhappy that California cops listed her weight at 85 pounds on the police report because "she's so proud of her weight gain," says the source, who adds that Richie has gained about ten pounds in the last two months and actually weighs around 95 pounds. "She doesn't know where the cops came up with 85 pounds and it's annoying to her."
Well, too bad for Nicole, because there are older pictures of her smoking pot resurfacing on the Web. So, nice try.

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Here's a thought-Nicole Richie should take the rap, do her little community service for driving like an idiot, and eat a bunch of cheeseburgers after she finishes the pipe.


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